If you don't already know about Betfair you really should. Every serious gambler needs a Betfair account in their toolbag. Unlike all of the other free bets we offer, Betfair isn't actually a bookmaker, they're a betting exchange. That means that when you place a bet you are going up against another punter, or punters, who is betting the opposite of you. This is advantageous for a couple of reasons: first, because their is no bookmakers edge factored in, Betfair odds are generally better than bookie odds, and second, with Betfair you can 'lay' bets. When you lay you are betting that something won't happen. This opens up a whole world of opportunities that wouldn't exist without the exchange.

What's Good About It?

An extra 20% profit on all winning bets, on top of Betfairs already excellent odds. The bonus is paid on every winner it doesn't matter if you have losers as well, they are disregarded. This is also a cash bonus with no wagering requirements, so just place your and enjoy the extra winnings.

What's Bad About It?

It only lasts 7 days and the clock starts ticking the second you join. To maximise your potential profit sign up shortly before a match or race that you want to bet on, ideally during a busy sporting week.


Terms & Conditions

You can only take part if you have not previously placed a bet with Betfair, including those existing customers. This offer is open to Australian and New Zealand residents, except for those located in VIC, NSW, SA and WA. 

After registering using a valid promotional code, Betfair will provide a 20% boost on your profits on any markets settled (before commission) for a duration of 7 days after registration, up to a maximum of AUD$500 (in total). The maximum credit an eligible individual customer will receive for this Promotion is AUD$500 in total. 

Other t&c's apply. Please ensure you read them before signing up