Cash Out - Is It Worth It?

Bookies are constantly trying to find innovative new features in order to win new customers and hold on to old one. Over the last few years the biggest feature to be rolled out has been 'Cash Out'. Almost every major bookie now offers a 'Cash Out' feature on at least some of their markets but, as punters, should we be using them?

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How To Watch Live Sport For Free

Over the last couple of days we've noticed a lot of people on social media asking where they can find a stream to watch AFL, so we thought we'd throw together a quick guide that shows you where you can find not just live footy but also tennis, soccer, cricket and just about every other sport you can think of. And to make things even better, you can watch it all for free!

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Why More Aussie's Should Be Trading With Betfair

It's a cold, wet Tuesday night in Wolverhampton, in the North of England. At the local race track a couple of hundred hardcore punters have just watched a Maiden race. A maiden is a race for horses that have never won before, so it's not exactly high quality. Most of the punters were betting small stakes of £1-10...but the total amount bet on the race was in excess of £950,000.How is this possible?

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How To Be A Successful Sports Bettor

Australians love to gamble. Whether it's pokies, lotto, sports betting or the casino, over 80% of us engage of gambling of some kind. That's the highest rate of any country in the world.  'Straya!

The thing is though, most of us aren't very good at it

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Political Betting - Can You Spot The Next Trump?

Political betting is the fastest growing growing sector in the gambling industry right now, and it's no surprise after the events of the last year.

Since he first stood in the Republican Presidential Primaries, Donald Trump has dominated the headlines. It seems like every day has thrown up some new controversy or scandal, and everyone has an opinion about him one way or the other....and plenty of people are willing to back up those opinions with cold, hard cash.

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